No motivation, too tired…

For some reason, this week’s trip left me tired and irritable. I am just not into it either emotionally and mentally.

So I slept in and did a gentle workout: 16.35 miles of walking in 4:14:40 (15:35 pace). Note: my “map my walk” program struggled on the twisty, turny, shady Bradley Park portion but was accurate on the flat, straight segments. It got the total at 15.7 but measured mile 11 to the end accurately.


My course: basically the 8.1 Cornstalk course with 2 1.23 mile lower loops plus one .6 mile lower loop added on; that got me to 11.06 when I made it past my house. Then I walked what turned out to be 5 miles (1:17:30) and I added an extra 0.35 miles by doing a narrow Cooper-Laura-Bradley loop at the end.

I decided to go out and walk (started about 7:50) and told myself that I’d turn around and go home when I was ready to finish, OR quit about 4 hours; whatever came first. That was just what I needed I think; purposeful, steady but reasonably gentle walking.

Note: about 10 years ago, this effort would have gotten me 13:45-14 minutes a mile. Now it gets me 15:30.

Weight prior to walking: 191. I am on my way down, it appears.


August 7, 2016 - Posted by | walking

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