Melania Trump and “shaming”, etc.

Workout: waited too late; left at 8:15. 8.1 mile cornstalk classic. 75/90 at the star, 80/79 at the finish. 45:20/46:10. Ugh. Survived. But the cute grannies waved at me..and even gave me applause.

In all honesty, the hills felt slightly easier.

Oh noes, liberals are *shaming* Melania Trump because the New York Post published some nude photos of her.

I’ve frequently poked fun at the right wing religious extremists. The analogue on the left is the “social justice warriors”. The latter were wagging their fingers at those who were lampooning Melania Trump for her nude photos; those who did this were said to be “slut shaming” misogynists. I read that “Melania did nothing to deserve this”.

Personally, I think that she is nothing more than a trophy wife of a very rich man; it isn’t as if she had chosen to marry a bus driver or a school teacher.

And it is without apology that I claim that a Princeton/Harvard educated attorney is better FLOTUS material than a nude/erotic model.

But hey, perhaps we can do something with this “shaming stuff.”

Ok, here goes: by doing that photo spread, Melania was “body shaming” ordinary women and “poverty shaming” men that cannot afford to support such a high maintenance woman. And yes, pornography itself is misogynistic.

Then again…well, axiom one for these people is that women are NEVER at fault, for anything…it is always the fault of patriarchy. 🙂

Ok, ok, I “get it”; the idea is that this exposes the extreme hypocrisy of the right wing. And, yeah, it isn’t an issue I am going to make a big deal of.


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