Why Guys (and conservatives) should give Hillary Clinton serious consideration.

Yes, I get it. I am a liberal and you probably aren’t.

And yes, liberals can be infuriating at times…just so self righteous and sanctimonious. If you complain about this, you’ll be called a “hater”, a “racist” or both. If you deign to fact check stuff like “women make only 7x cents on the dollar that a man makes” and try to bring some context into it, you’ll be called a “sexist” by some.

Some of this politically correct finger wagging can get tiresome.

And, of course, you might just plain disagree with me about how harmful public debt is, the effects of cutting spending during a recession, or on other matters.

But no one is going to agree with one candidate on all of the issues. And there is the issue of deportment and who is better suited to hold the office.

Does Donald Trump’s emotional instability worry you? What about his deportment? Can you imagine George Bush, John McCain or Mitt Romney saying the things that he does about women, or can you imagine them calling for a ban on people of a particular religion?

Yes, I know: Hillary Clinton is basically liberal (I wish all Sanders supporters understood this). And I am not going to try to convince you to become a liberal. I wouldn’t be able to, even if I tried. But in terms of deportment, knowledge and belief that one SHOULD make an effort to understand the world prior to taking long term action she probably has more in common with you than Donald Trump does.

Hey, voting for her in 2016 doesn’t mean that you can’t back someone else in 2020. But Donald Trump is unsuitable to be president and I think that you know it.

Take 12 minutes to listen to Mayor Bloomberg, a moderately conservative billionaire:


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