Trump and DNC e-mails..


This was taken from the Official Trump Campaign.

Basically, if you find this image positive, you probably support Trump. To me, this is a great metaphor for “Trump over our country” and I’ve always thought that no one person is bigger than the country, as a whole. I thought the same way about our university, the teams that I follow, etc.

There is another article that explains some of the attraction that Trump may have. I am not sold on the article’s hypothesis, but I see it as one worthy of consideration. And no, this is NOT one of those “Trump supporters are stupid and evil” sort of things.

DNC e-mails Imagine a basketball game where one team leads 100-70 with 5 minutes to go. But the trailing team’s coach keeps calling timeouts and keeps fouling to get the ball back. Then there is microphone slipped near the referees and one says “OMG, why is that coach continuing to extend the game? Can we just find a reason to throw him out of the game so we can get this over with?”

But then they call the game as they should.

THAT is how I view the leaked DNC e-mails. It didn’t change anything but it shows unprofessional conduct and it gives the tin-foil hat crowd something to yell about. And yes, given that Hillary Clinton will take over the DNC for the election anyway, it is probably time to change the DNC chair.


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