And Marathon reality sinks in…

Well, yesterday’s hot weather attempt at a long run was a bust. Today, I opted for the Riverplex; the air conditioning was out yesterday. So though it was on today, the upper floor was still sort of warm, and once again, I finished “squishy shoe” wet from sweat. 57:40 for the first 5 miles, 1:03:40 for the second (did run/walk, run pace at 5.4 mph, walk 3 minutes at 3.7 or 3.8, started 3-3 and migrated to 3.5-2.5 or so). Then half a mile walking on the track to cool down and I had had enough.

What this means: I am having difficulty running beyond 15 miles. I still have some time though. But…it is starting to sink in that maybe I should throw time goals out the window (I was thinking “sub 5 hour, blah blah blah”) and just be happy if I finish under the time limit, period.

I am thinking that the days of my actually running a marathon for time were over, a long time ago. Not sure what happened to me.

2002 was my last good (by my standards) year for marathons; I ran a 3:57, walked a 4:44 and walked/jogged a 4:04. In 2000 I ran a 3:38 (as a 41 year old) and in 2001 I ran a 3:40. But that was a different person.


July 24, 2016 - Posted by | marathons, running

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