That was DISGUSTING (my run, not the RNC)

The plan: “run” 15K at something approximating my planned marathon pace (11 minutes per mile)

The reality: 75 F, 87 percent humidity at the start; 81 F. 74 percent at the end.

I decided to do away with the final 1.2 mile loop but that wasn’t enough to get me to finish sans walking. I was at mile 4.05 in 45 minutes and started to walk 1.5 miles later. I walked/jogged for a bit..challenged myself to run up the last large hill and didn’t make it, and then “ran” the final 1.03 miles in a blistering 10:55. Yes, it actually “felt fast”. OMG. Time: 1:37, which is actually about 2 minutes slower than my “slow, easy jog” pace for this course.

It was a joke and I was soaked in sweat. Even my shoes were squishy. I never do well in the heat. If it is this hot on marathon day (and it might be), I’ll use the 6:30 time limit to walk/jog it at a moderate pace and aim for running the October one under 5 hours (my ultimate goal)

Early on, when I had hopes of finishing the workout on schedule, a youngish woman (30?) blew past me; she was wearing black spandex tights, a spandex top and had tattoos on her shoulders..and long black hair. She said a cheery good morning; I’d estimate her pace to have been high 7, low 8. I didn’t even think about attempting to keep her in sight; this was “she isn’t for you” moment for me. Despite my weakness in the weight room and snail like running and walking pace, I still have a 7 minute a mile, 250 pound bench press mind but a 10 minute per mile, 200 pound bench press body. I keep reminding myself “it is ok; you were never any good at sports to begin with (compared to athletes) so it isn’t as if you’ve lost much” but I still get annoyed at the degradation of my abilities.

Then I took Barbara to the eye center and, well, there you had mostly old people who didn’t walk all that well. So, I suppose it is a “be grateful that you can still do it at all” sort of thing.

And hey, I can still keep up with the hot grannies (at least MOST of them anyway). And there will be a time when the bespandexed 50 year old hot grannies will be too fast for me (one of the hottest local ones already is, but she looks like an athlete).


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