Didn’t beat the downpour

I was thinking of cutting it short anyway and, when I saw the storm clouds roll in as I turned out of the Cemetery, I headed home. It was sprinkling but I figured I had time for…just one more mile (or 0.8 miles actually). Nope; I got drenched for about 6-7 minutes of my walk.


(This is Cassie’s photo of the rain rolling in)


5.3 in 1:21, or 15:17 mpm. It didn’t feel bad.

Last night: The Chiefs beat the Great Lakes Loons 4-3. And it was more “developmental league” stuff. The starter pitched well for the first 3 innings; “3 up, 3 down” and left with a 2-0 lead. The Loons didn’t get a hit until the 5’th and still the Peoria pitching kept them at bay. The next relief pitcher threw 4 more scoreless innings.

Then came the 8’th when the second relief pitcher comes in…all is well until the top of the 9’th. 2 outs, then a walk then a double where the Chiefs *almost* throw out the runner who scored from second.

One runner on base, 2 outs, still 4-1 and the Chiefs bring in another relief pitcher. I see who it is and say “oh no!” I remember that he didn’t do well the last time I saw him. (but his ERA is actually 3.38 and his last 10 outings weren’t bad at all….as a fan I only remember the time he didn’t do well).

Then, in succession: home run (4-3), two singles and a walk; now the bases are loaded and it is 4-3. But the pitcher strikes out the final batter.

Overall: large crowd; fun time.





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