One reason I struggle athletically

Workout notes: treadmill: 4 miles in 37:55; 10 minute warm up, 10 minutes at 6.7, 5 minutes at 6.8, 5 at 6.9, .5 miles at 7.0, .25 at 7.1..then I said “this sucks” and walked/jogged for .15 or so before picking it up.
26:49 was my time for 3 miles; 27:43 for 5K (more or less)

The point: when it got too intense for me, I backed off; there was no desire to try to “break through the pain”

Yesterday, when I did incline presses, I cut my set with 150 pounds to 8 (usually 8-10). A friend offered to spot me. But I confessed “I sometimes don’t use a spotter so I can quit a couple of reps early” and…well, that is the bare bones truth.

I really lack the mental fortitude to push myself hard in the gym or on the track; when my body says “this sucks” I back off.

So yes, part of this is age. But part of it is that I am mentally tired of pushing hard.

I am trying to strengthen my legs with squats; right now my weights are comically light. And still…squats plus trying to run is leaving me with a “background soreness” in my legs that is hard to shake. It is going to be tough to balance it all out when the semester starts up again.

But I think that after my “two marathons in 3 weeks time” adventure (goal: run one of them in under 5 hours, walk one of them in under 5:45), I’ll back off of the distance and focus on leg strength.


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  1. Keep it up Ollie,Your a tough and smart man.

    Comment by Larry McMasters | July 15, 2016 | Reply

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