Ying/Yang running and other…

It was 74 F with 79 percent humidity when I started and 76, 70 percent when I finished. It took me 1:47:16 to do 15K (11:30 pace) and while it was easy, well, I just couldn’t make myself run any faster. I actually enjoyed it, but the effort was just plain lazy.


I though more about this Black Lives Matter stuff. Yes, I know that the more obnoxious “let’s block this or that” stuff gets more attention, but I wonder if this is more typical of the meetings.

But I should point out that while some of those who show up at the more obnoxious protests really are losers, the issue of law enforcement mistreating black people is a legitimate, serious issue.

I recommend watching this short video of one of the doctors who treated the Dallas Police shooting victims (the officers who were shot). This is a surgeon; someone who has “done the right things”, if you will. The issue is real; despite what you might hear from right wing media, this isn’t a matter of criminals not liking being brought to justice.

Remember that the media is about selling space to advertisers; they are going to cherry pick the sensational. But the issues are of concern to even the pillars of our society.


July 12, 2016 - Posted by | running, social/political |

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