Political Correctness, Black Lives Matter, Police and all that…

I’ll start with “political correctness”. When I complain about “political correctness”, I am mostly talking about academic stuff like this. Yes, someone published a study on why “Pilates is white and racist”. Really.

Note: if one wants to discuss why certain movements are done easier by people with different body types, I am all for that. Example: my former yoga teacher is way better than yoga than I am. Yet, due to the design of our respective bodies, she cannot do headstand to save her life, but it is easy for me.

But there is no “-ist” to it; some things are easier for some people than they are for others.

Black lives Matter and Law Enforcement:
Yes, there is quite a bit of public anguish over this. We see accusations of “privilege” hurled at “white America”, a reminder that police officers are indeed human and it is good to remember that, and accusations that we are indeed talking past each other. The latter strikes me as mostly on point, but there is something else going on here, I think.

I think that we are dealing with a toxic mix of things: African Americans constitute a disproportionate amount of the poor on public aid, the poor exhibit a disproportionate amount of the social pathology (great book on this subject there; this Krugman column is also pretty good), humans are more sympathetic to “winners” and we are hard wired to reason inductively.

I really believe that the elimination (or great reduction) of poverty and social segregation would go a long, long way to cure what ails us. But how to do that? And do we, as a society, really want to do that?

I think that, at least in terms of racial tension, the best atmosphere I encountered was when I was an Air Force dependent (the Navy appeared to be more racially segregated than the Air Force), and when I played sports in Japan (on teams for dependents).

But what do I know?


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  1. i love your posts man. We both seem to push for every perspective to be heard, even the ones we find oppositional.
    -19y/o u of michigan student

    Comment by Jesse Krislov | July 19, 2016 | Reply

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      Comment by blueollie | July 19, 2016 | Reply

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