Austin Hike and Bike: change..

There was some construction that added .2-.3 miles to the course. And no, the detour was not marked all that well.

But I knew more or less how to get back.


Yes, it was muggy: 79 F, 84 percent humidity at the start, 84 F, 74 percent humidity at the end.

Screen shot 2016-07-06 at 11.52.16 AM

But I completed the course in 2:24:27, walking the last 2 in 27:18, and the final 5 in about 1:09. The pace averaged about 13:50 as I had people to chase.

The west part of the course was about normal (reasonably well used); the east part was more or less empty (save one encounter on the narrow Longhorn dam sidewalk, where another walker and I converged at almost the same point).

Of course, there was construction but the completed parts (90-95 percent of it) looked very nice.


This is the final 2 miles; 1.5 miles or so are on this boardwalk.

Ironically, I saw a bunny on the course! You see them all over the place in Peoria, but this is the first time I’ve seen one on this course.

Observation: no one appeared to greet anyone on the busy west side; on the east side greetings were common. There must be some traffic density at which point people want to greet others. There were people of all kinds out there, including university runners, high school teams, competitive runners, fitness runners and walkers.

I can also say that while I was no speed demon, I was happy with the workout. And yes, give the weather, walking the course only took 15 minutes longer than it would have to “run” it…and I felt a whole lot better afterward.


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