A LOT of work ahead of me

Well, the fun ends for me next week; I have two projects to either “get to the rough draft stage” or to finish up.

Running: cool day, a bit breezy (cross wind most of the way)


15.48 miles in 2:57:53 (1:29:20/1:28:33); 11:30 mpm pace (5:01 for a marathon)

i’ll say this: I was feeling it on that uphill from mile 4 to 5 and, while it didn’t kill me, it wasn’t easy either. I did not expect it to be this challenging. And yes, I did this course 4 minutes faster 2 months ago.

But it was my longest run since 2 weeks prior to FANS so, well, I suppose it wasn’t THAT bad for the “first one back”.

Note: the right foot burned a bit toward the end.

Breaking 5 hours in the marathon will NOT be an easy task; I’ll have to train hard and deliberately.

I’ve signed up for the Quad Cities on 24 September and Peoria PNC (15 October) where my plan is to go for it at Quad Cities, UNLESS it is hot at which case that will be an easy walk/jog to prepare for Peoria. IF I get my goal at Quad Cities, Peoria will be “just get it in under the 6 hour limit” sort of thing.

Baseball: I saw a great game last night; the Chiefs beat Clinton 5-4, doing the damage in the 3’rd and 4’th innings. We saw two towering home runs.


From our seats


Barbara enjoying dinner


Early crowd


What type of crowd 1 dollar tickets brings in. (side seats)


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