Those of us with small butts…

Workout notes: 15K run in 1:37:55. (4.05 mile segments: 42:26, 42:37 for 1:25:03 for 8.1; 1.23 segment was 12:52) That is 4 minutes faster than I did at Steamboat on a similar course, and 3 minutes faster than last week.


But today was just a bit cooler and less humid, and I took advantage. And I kept telling myself to “bend my knees” as I ran.


So what is the title of this blog post about? I got the idea as I started to run this morning. I had to stop a few seconds into the run because my running shorts started to slide down. This tends to happen if it has been a while since I tightened the drawstring; this happens to me when I run, do pull ups or swim. If I am not careful, I end up “mooning” those around me.

In addition to the occasional personal embarrassment, my undeveloped gluteal muscles hurt my running. So, I’ve attempted to start squatting again (yes, my “top” weight is….65 pounds!). It is a long process. But I figure if I can get my glutes to work, I’ll have fewer lower back injuries and I might be able to actually run a bit rather than do the “stiff legged shuffle”. It should also help my walking too.

And that explains why I was so bad at football. I didn’t have the lower body strength to get my butt and thighs into my block; I leaned forward way too much, as you can see here (I am no. 70 in the light colored uniform)

football yokota

I got away with it against slower, weaker players. But when I stepped up in competition and went against players my own size who were good at football, I got whipped. Any coach could look at me and tell at glace that I wasn’t going to be good.

Of course, we see articles that lament the problems facing those who have big butts (no names mentioned) (here and here)

These range from transparency of clothing: (clock to see the larger photo)


Becoming the center of attention if one has clothing designed to fit at the waist


And one’s spouse is present when one is getting dressed, one might hear giggles and cat-calls of “going, going, GONE” when one pulls up the undergarments or sports wear.


(See the above as a fun gif here)

But something tells me that an article lamenting the woes of those with small butts wouldn’t be as popular.


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