Another warm walk…

I started later than I should have. And yes, it was warm. It took me 3:55 to do, well, about what it took me 3:35 to do yesterday. Except: yesterday I “ran” the first 8.3 miles or so; today it was all walking.
So my “running” the first 8 gave me 30 minutes or so.



It was a bit muggy, as you can see, and yes, I drank from my bottle AND from the Bradley Park fountain.

One weird thing: I saw a pick up truck with police (red and blue) emergency lights on the front, and guys in green t-shirts in the back. One was holding a small antenna (like the old UHF antennas). I don’t know for sure what they were doing (they looked as if they were trying to find a signal) but my guess it was this: they were practicing Operation Lifesaver. I know that it was on the Peoria Police plan to implement this from 2013-2016. The idea: if someone has, say, Alzheimer’s, you can put a transmitter on their watch that sends a signal that the police can locate with one of these antennas.


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