Just one bite at the apple..

Though my legs felt sore (from that sissy leg routine I did yesterday?) I decided to go outside and turn back when I didn’t feel good. I ended up running my Cornstalk 8.1 mile course 1:27:21 (44:11/43:10) plus a 1.23 mile lower loop (13:18) to get 15K in 1:40:39, or 1:18 *faster* (less glacial?) than my Steamboat 15K, which was run on a course of comparable difficulty in similar conditions. Note: I gave platelets effect at all.

The differences:
1) real coffee this morning and
2) I went out fairly slowly (10:48 for the first 1.03 miles) so I had a heck of a lot left.

Yeah, that wasn’t a race but it made me feel better. And while it was a workout, it wasn’t bad; I feel fine.



Steamboat gallery of friends:


Herb; math department member.


Larry (sans shirt): 70+ years old; crushed pelvis 3 years ago, STILL under 8 minutes per mile for the 4 mile.


Stephanie, Bears fan..gave me a head butt prior to the race. She’ll be back in 4:30 marathon shape soon.


Cassie finishes the 15K with a kick…10 minutes ahead of me.


Mat (my department chair..sans shirt) banging out a 1:25 15K


Tracy (my bestie) taking 3’rd in her age group in the 4 mile.


Powerful Jason (religious studies professor) smoking a 1:02 15K


Andreas from Bradley running a 1:23 as a Clydesdale



T was injured for this one (note the boot) but will be back, strong. She worked the finish line.


This is a big improvement for Barbara from where she was 1 year ago. She is thrilled to be able to go to races with me again (where they have allowances for walkers).


Not quite the rear, but pretty darn close.

More of me:





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