Steamboat photos and a Chiefs game..

Workout note I walked the West Peoria course with a diversion to the W. Peoria ball field port-o-potty. That added about .3 miles to the usual 4.1 and I stretched it to the the usual “Cornstalk out and back”, one 1.4 mile Cornstalk loop then returned home past Markin Center and along Bradley ave.


Yes, it was hot (and was eventually get to 97 F) and the course took me 2:42 to do (modest effort)


Along the way I saw Dave P., Larry and Cassie. Afterward, I saw that Tracy had won an age group award in the Steamboat 4, so I called her up to tell her. She really didn’t know.

And I had some time to think about my running/walking plans for the fall. I can sign up for my goal events now; what remains to be seen if these turn out to be walks or runs, or perhaps one of each.

Chiefs games
Barbara and I went last night; the Chiefs won 8-3, mostly because of the second inning which saw a home run and multiple extra base hits. The Bees rallied somewhat but the damage had been done and they were in too big of a hole. It was 8-0 after 2.

Today saw the Chiefs win 2-1. It was scoreless until the 7’th inning where the teams traded runs. Then in the bottom of the 8’th it was 2 outs and the Bees pitcher hit a Chiefs batter. Then came a walk, followed by a single with got the runner from second in. Then in the top of the 9’th, the final out was made by an excellent catch by the left fielder; I though it was going to drop for a hit.


We wore our Steamboat shirts to the Chiefs game last night. It always feels good to go out wearing the race t-shirt when Barbara also has one.


Barbara’s finish. The thing to remember is that she thought that her days of even doing these were over.


My finish. Seriously…34 minutes slower than my PB? That is what happens when I go out too fast for the conditions. And yes, I had long, slow runs in my background, and short, “fast” runs. But no longish “sustained effort” runs.


Does this shirt make my butt look big? T took the photo.


Here I am with Cassie; she beat me by 10 minutes or so. I saw her early and had sense enough to let her go; I did see her on a switch back and yelled..she responded.

When I looked at the paper to see the results…yes, I remember that I stated off in the first column. 4-5 years, later..second column. Now: last column. There were times during the race where I felt that I was merely in the way (as the faster runners lapped me in the upper part..2 2.65 mile laps) and I remember during my first couple of 15K races, *I* was one of the ones lapping people. Sigh…

But hey, it was a long, community run and I don’t know how many of these I have left.

I do have one thing to say about finisher’s medals (yes, Steamboat gives them) but that is for another post. Dinner calls.


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