Presidential campaign snark…

I still remember the 2004 presidential campaign well. I wasn’t quite into the statistical analysis the way that I am now and was bitterly disappointed that President Bush won. But this is a humorous take on it:

2016 has proved to be more interesting than I had anticipated. I fully expected the Republican nomination to be a circus and wasn’t disappointed, though I did NOT predict a Trump victory. I expected the Democratic nomination to be very boring, but it wasn’t. Nevertheless, there was some funny snark to be had as Sanders and Clinton battled it out. So this article made me laugh:


Yeah, I know: no big deal. But it is still funny.

Now of course, Trump almost parodies himself. The Clinton campaign has had fun with it (her positive youtube channel is “Hillary Clinton”; her attack channel is “The Briefing”)

Yes, I know; this was a simple slip of the tongue; all of us make them. And she has more substantive criticisms of Trump on that channel.

Now Trump supporters have thrown some ugly stuff at her:


But this isn’t really new; back in 2007-2008, McCain thought that he’d be running against Hillary Clinton as did some of his supporters, who weren’t shy about calling her a bitch.

The 2016 campaign should be interesting. My early prediction: the 2016 will look a lot like the 2012 map; I wonder if any states will change at all.
The odds: Clinton was 4/11; her odds decreased ever so slightly to 3/8 (32/88 to 33/38) whereas Trump moved to a 3-1 underdog status (his odds slipped a tiny bit as well; it was 11/4)



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