Robert Reich has gone downhill….

Workout notes: weights plus an easy 5K walk, where I focused on using my feet. I did my “to the bottom of Bradley Park” 5K course.

rotator cuff
pull ups: 15-15-10-10
bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185, 10 x 170
incline press: 10 x 135
military (dumbbell, standing) 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 40
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 60 (single arm dumbbell), 2 sets of 10 x 200 Hammer Machine (4 sets total)
head stand
abs: 2 sets each: 24 crunch, 12 twist crunch, 10 yoga leg lifts.

Weight (gym) 189 after walking.

Robert Reich At least he is conceding that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee and that liberals ought to support her. But he continues to say stuff like this:

I still don’t understand the media’s frantic rush to proclaim Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee, especially before all votes have been cast, including superdelegates. Hillary is almost certainly going to be the nominee, but it’s in her interest as well to ensure the correct process has been followed and that there are no credible doubts about primary voting.

He then linked to this article which includes this graphic:


Do you see what is happening here?

(note: “before data” from CNN; “current data” from the official State of California election site).

The so-called “flipped counties”:

Glenn: now 1003 to 910 Sanders (+93 Sanders); previously 649 to 644 Clinton (+ 5 Clinton); change is +98 Sanders.
Santa Barbara: now 27,427 to 27,319 (+ 108 Sanders); previously 23,543 to 22976 (+ 576 Clinton); change is +684 Sanders.

San Luis Obispo: now 21,333 to 20,379 (+954 Sanders); previously 16,833 to 16,147 (+686 Clinton); change is +1,640 Sanders.


State: was 1,940,580 to 1,502,043 (+438,537 Clinton); now 2,128,194 to 1,653,416 Clinton (+474,778 Clinton); change is +36,241 Clinton. So, numerically, the lead is GROWING, though the percentage has gone from 55.8-43.2 (12.6 percent) to 55.7-43.3 (12.4 percent). Note: this evening (8:30 pm central time) , it has now reached 2,211,141 to 1,734,317 or a numerical margin of 476,724 or 55.5-43.5 percent. The lead is growing numerically though shrinking percentage wise..a little.

Update: midday June 14: 2,243,381 to 1,770,555 or 472,826. The lead has shrunk a bit both numerically and percentage wise (55.4 to 43.7 percent).

Update: midday June 15: 2,360,266 to 1,887,178 or 473,088, numerically. Percentage: 55.1 to 44.0 percent.



So much for Sanders catching up. 🙂

Now it is true that it is possible that in some Congressional districts, one candidate might go from an “even split” to “getting one delegate more” due to an accurate vote count, but that isn’t going to happen in the very close Congressional districts.

This is very basic stuff. Shame on Professor Reich for leading some Sanders followers astray in this manner!

Peoria Chiefs Baseball and politics
Yes, I got to watch the Chiefs beat the Cedar Rapids Kernels 3-1; I got to see some good pitching and good all around play from the Chiefs. As I walked into the game, I saw an old friend with a “put Jill Stein on the November ballot” petition. I didn’t sign it as I had signed this petition a few months ago. He was wearing his “Bernie” hat and I took the time to remind him that I was “Clinton all the way” from the get-go.

When I signed the petition, I laughed…”Jill Stein…ha ha ha!” and the person with the petition gave me one of those “I don’t like that but I’ll bite my tongue because I want your signature” looks. Such nonsense! If the Green Party wants to be taken seriously, they need to start winning some local races.


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