Trump’s campaign (or lack thereof) and being PC

This is an interesting read. The argument here is that Trump is micromanaging his own campaign and ignoring what seemed to work for Obama in 2008, 2012, and what worked for Bush in 2004.

Now one can debate about why Barack Obama won: was it the candidate, the opposing candidate, or his space age ground game? It is impossible to say, exactly.

But the Trump campaign is doing none of that. It will be interesting, to say the least. And yes, he is using media appearances, news appearances and social media to draw attention. But will it be enough?

This is not encouraging for him: he is currently losing….KANSAS!

Kansans are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with their state government and with their choice of presidential candidates, according to a new poll released Friday.

But when given a choice between the two parties’ presumptive nominees, a plurality (43-36 percent) said they prefer Democrat Hillary Clinton to Republican Donald Trump, while 21 percent are currently undecided.

If those trends hold through November, it would mark a historic shift in Kansas politics, where no Democratic presidential candidate has won Kansas since 1964, when Lyndon Johnson carried it over Barry Goldwater, 54-45 percent.

Now, I don’t believe that Clinton will win Kansas. BUT the fact that a state like this is even an issue…you’ve got to be kidding me.

Here is one idea: Trump, for all his entertainment value, isn’t acting presidential at all.

Sure, we can talk about PC-ness and yeah, I get sick of it too. But asking a candidate to not hurl 8’th grade caliber insults at politicians (or just at people) isn’t asking that much. Here is an example:


It is fine to call her ineffective and other stuff. But seriously: this is schoolyard taunting. I expect more from a Presidential candidate. I can’t imagine President Bush (either one) doing that.

Currently, Hillary Clinton is 4/11 in the betting lines (risk 11 dollars to win 4; the smaller the fraction, the bigger favorite the candidate is).


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