More reality (and a fun hike)

I did an untimed 10.5 mile hike at Forest Park Nature Center: Peoria heights tower, the 1.25 mile spur, 2 3.5 mile lower loops (Wakerobin), 1.25 miles back, the back to the Tower. It took close to 4 hours (perhaps a bit less) and it was warm.

But there was an all time first. While on my first Wakerobin loop I passed a young man who had stopped to do something with his phone. Later as I climbed the second hill, the young man passed me while merely hiking his pace.

I had NEVER been passed by another hiker before (I had been passed by runners). Ever. Sure, he was in his 20’s and had what one would call an “athletic slender” build (like a distance runner) and at a 5K, you’d bet the rent that he’d beat me by a tidy margin (say, 5-7 minutes). So I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Still, I enjoyed the hike, even as the temperature hit in the 90’s.

But that was a startling revelation. I used to think of myself as a “fast hiker”.

I am no longer that. My legs are too weak to handle the large uphills at a quick pace, especially when I am tired.

Life marches on.

Oh yes, I saw an older friend out there too; he used to run the 440 yard dash for Bradley (before it became the 400 meter dash) and ran a 64 second 400 while in his 50’s. He was out there as well.


June 10, 2016 - Posted by | hiking, walking |

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