One grumpy old man to another grumpier, older man: time to go home.

Hillary Clinton won big yesterday. Though she lost the smaller states (Montana, North Dakota), she won modest victories in New Mexico, South Dakota and won big victories in California and New Jersey. She won big in the big states, as she has done all along, which is why she is the nominee.

She has increased her lead in pledged delegates by about 80 pledged delegates (using estimates from here)

In the betting lines, her odds have gone to 4/11 which means she has become a stronger favorite in the general election (versus Trump).

But Sen. Sanders is not being gracious, at all. He is hanging in despite having no shot and I wonder if he is operating out of anger rather than out of long term strategy and political goals for the country.

And then there are some of his more noisy supporters. Yes, we’ve seen this before in 2008. We know who won that general election, and it is my guess that the Democrats will in this upcoming one as well.

But there is some personal rancor. No, I am NOT talking about my “in real life” friends. And, well, I am not really talking about Sanders supporters specifically, though this is who I am seeing this sort of thing from right now.

I’ll be specific: when I’ve said “I am for Clinton”, I sometimes get the following: “well, you must be for X, Y, and Z” (where X, Y, and Z are bad things). I was sometimes called “a dupe”, said to be “whistling as my party destructs”, said to be a “conservative”, or told that clearly, I’ve turned my back on things I used to be for (e. g. single payer insurance, which I am still for, by the way).

Now I am for rational discussion. I don’t mind a friend or discussion partner asking me “ok, why is this your choice” and telling me, AFTER a long discussion, “you might think you are voting for X, but you are really getting Y and this is why…” at which point, they list facts and reasons. And yes, this might sound mean, but they actually have to HAVE facts and be able to state reasons.

But, more often than not, that is NOT what happens. What I get is:


And I’ll conclude: I believe that there are smart, rational people who backed Sanders. Here is one of them.


I believe that there are smart, rational people who back Trump (I get heavily criticized when I say this, but I still think this).

And I am happy that Clinton is our nominee and I predict that she’ll not only win, but will also do a fine job as president.


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