FANS 24: Make that “do not” (my performance, not the event, which is stellar)

No easy way to say it: though we had a decent day for walking and the course was in stellar shape, I failed.

I bombed out after 16 laps (35.9 miles in 10:44) and then came back to get a “ceremonial” 2.375 when I drove back to the course to cheer in the finishers. I walked those miles in my khaki pants.

I took splits every 2 laps (first lap is long because it features an out-and-back):

lap time for lap cumulative time distance and remarks
1-2 1:35 1:35:05 6
3-4 1:07 2:42:52 10.3
5-6 1:06 3:49:40 14.5, with John
7-8 1:10 4:59:51 18.8
9-10 1:12 6:12:36 23.1
11-12 1:16 7:28:44 27.4
13-14 1:24 8:53:12 31.6, stopped to eat
15-16 1:50 10:44:11 35.9, lap from hell (laid down)

I went to my car and tried to “sleep it off”. When I woke up, I was STILL nauseated; in fact I threw up twice just walking from my car and doing stuff. So I called it a night and went back to my hotel room.

Upshot: I knew I was in trouble around mile 20; it was simply too difficult for being so early. At 8 hours, I was doing “18 hour struggling” and it was just a matter of time. My weight started to go up because stuff was starting to not digest. Between 33.8 and 35.9, the wheels came completely off.

What went wrong: I had enough training miles to do better than this. What I think happened is that while I was doing “doubles” on weekends, I didn’t have a series of 7-8 hour walks like I did when I was doing my best.

When I was routinely walking 80-100 in the 24 hour events, I had a slew of 50K to 50 mile races/events in a addition to my “doubles”. I didn’t have that this time.

I have no more ultra-long events this year, though I want to do a fall marathon or two. I have a nice running base for that and I didn’t withdraw much fitness yesterday.

Next year: I’ll aim for the 12 hour, and train hard for that. I’ll need some 6-8 hour walks in my build up.


Social: I did walk one lap with John, as yes, we discussed math. And it was fun to see Betty, Dave, and Bob again (among others). Ironically, the lady at packet pick up didn’t have to ask my name. I’ve been here a few times.

I can recommend the event without reservation. The course: one out and back to start, then 2.14 mile loops, of asphalt and dirt. The dirt portion can get muddy if it rains hard, but the past two times it rained and it was still ok.

How I did in the past

2006 83 miles, rested 1 hour, blew up at 62.8 miles. My last “good” ultra.


66.2 miles, blew up at 45.2, rested about 6 hours. Recovered from injury; rushed training.


Retired at 47.8, blew up at 42.8 miles.


66.5 miles, rested about 7 hours, blew up at 47.7 miles. Did the McNaughton 100 in April and walked a 5:14 marathon in May.

54.4 miles, rested about 7.5 hours, blew up at 30.7. Recovering from knee surgery 11 months earlier. Badly undertrained.



59.9 miles, rested about 6.5 hours, blew up at 38 miles. Virtually no distance training (ONE 20 mile walk).


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