Going batty…

3 miles with the Building Steam group. Ok, FANS this weekend. How did these go in previous years?

2006 83 miles, rested 1 hour, blew up at 62.8 miles. My last “good” ultra.


66.2 miles, blew up at 45.2, rested about 6 hours. Recovered from injury; rushed training.


Retired at 47.8, blew up at 42.8 miles.


66.5 miles, rested about 7 hours, blew up at 47.7 miles. Did the McNaughton 100 in April and walked a 5:14 marathon in May.

54.4 miles, rested about 7.5 hours, blew up at 30.7. Recovering from knee surgery 11 months earlier. Badly undertrained.



59.9 miles, rested about 6.5 hours, blew up at 38 miles. Virtually no distance training (ONE 20 mile walk).

I hope to do better this year; I certainly have more miles under my belt.


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