Taper doing its job?

I am tapering for a 24 hour event this weekend; so I am still lifting (my workouts aren’t that strenuous) and doing short runs and walks. Today’s walk was 5K and not timed.

But I did lift:
rotator cuff exercises
pull ups: 15, 15, 10, 10 (strong…this surprised me at bit as it appeared that I had a slight weight gain)
bench press: 10 x 135, 5 x 185 (strong)
incline press: 10 x 150, 10 x 135 (strong)
dumbbell military (standing) 7 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 40
rows (Hammer Machine) 3 sets of 10 x 200
headstand and McKenzie exercises.

I did take this at a leisurely pace. One thing I grew to appreciate: there were no “workout bros” in the gym; just a few older people there and some very small young women there (not the kind you’d ask for a spot from). There was no one suitable to spot me for a “max bench press attempt” and I felt that I would have been strong today.

Anyhow, I think that I need to cut back on my next weight workout (Thursday); the idea for my taper is to help out with this weekend and not for weight room success. I don’t *look* as if I’ve gained weight, though I do not have a runner’s/distance walker’s body either. Well, we shall see.


The key for me performing to my capabilities involves keeping the effort easy when I am feeling great, not panicking when I find that I am not going that fast, being content with where I am at any given moment in the race, staying away from nausea and my keeping going when I want to quit during those dark hours (often 10 to 18 or so) where I’ve gone far enough to be tired, but haven’t gone far enough to “see” the end coming up.


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  1. Hi Ollie,

    I’m probably going to arrive in the area around 6 or 7 and go straight to dinner and motel with my wife (not the race dinner) and just show up before the race to get my number. I’ve been biking, triathlon training, not ideal taper. Need to stretch. Will drive to work tomorrow, my taper. I find that ginger candies have helped with nausea in ultras. Looks like it won’t be too hot! Praise Darwin! Also, boiled potatoes rolled in Kosher salt. That is all. See ya on the course.


    Comment by Ray Sharp | June 1, 2016 | Reply

    • I am hoping to arrive at 3; I’ll probably go to the FANS dinner to reconnect with the crowd. I am both eager and anxious; I don’t know what to expect. πŸ™‚

      Comment by blueollie | June 2, 2016 | Reply

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