Nature, political whining, and censorship of ideas

Workout notes
Though it is Sunday, I lifted. Weight: 192.5 on the Riverplex scale (post breakfast with a lot of coffee)
rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10: ok)
bench press: 10 x 135, 2 x 185 (“thick” bar), 4 x 185 (“usual” Olympic bar), 8 x 170
incline press: 10 x 135 (very easy)
military: 2 sets of 7 x 50 dumbbell (standing), 10 x 180 machine
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 60 dumbbell (each arm)
head stand, twist crunches (2 sets of 12), yoga leg lifts (2 sets of 10)

Then 5.5 miles of walking in about 1:29; very leisurely. It was pretty and I just wanted to amble a bit.

I see all sorts of wild animals when I walk. Today, I watched a flock of red winged blackbirds (who’ve yet to dive bomb me this year) attacking a hawk. Yes, I’ve seen hawks go after squirrels; each time the squirrel got away and the hawk went hungry. Other times: the squirrel had its life ended (haven’t seen that, but I’ve seen the remains). So, you want to tell me about the “beauty and harmony of nature?” 🙂 Yes, it was a pretty day. But day to day existence for animals is mostly a struggle to survive to reproduce; it was that way for humans as well until relatively recently (in terms of how long life has existed on earth).

Political whining No, the primary election was NOT rigged, no matter what Sanders people say.


The rules were in place before the election started, and no, it isn’t “rigging the election” to not have as many debates as one campaign wants. Having people who worked with BOTH people prefer one candidate over the other isn’t “rigging” the election.

Nate Silver nailed what was going on:


Censorship of ideas
I’ve complained about this before. What got me on this train of thought was seeing someone post this photo in a pro-Clinton facebook group:


The person who took this photo reported that this was the result of vandalism. I know that this sort of thing happens; I remember some person leaving a nasty card on our car which had an Obama sticker on it.

I wonder what makes people think that they have some sort of right to limit what OTHERS can say or see? Yes, this applies to the idiots who think that they have the right to block access to Trump rallies.



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