Minor league baseball: yesterday’s Chiefs game and talent

Yes, I’ve talked about yesterday’s Chiefs game, where the Chiefs managed to strand 6 runners over the past two innings and lose 5-4. What I didn’t emphasize is the Chiefs pitching:

Helsley watched fellow starter Sandy Alcantara toss a tremendous game in a losing cause. The big lanky righty allowed four runs but struck out 14 in six innings, including seven straight in one stretch.

The 14 whiffs tied the Chiefs record at Dozer Park, set by Starling Peralta against Clinton on Aug. 7, 2012. The seven straight K’s matched the Chiefs record for most in a single-game appearance, shared with Daryle Gavlick (Aug. 2, 1993 at Burlington). […]

Chiefs righty starter Sandy Alcantara hit 100 mph on the radar gun three times in the second inning, including back-to-back pitches to Beloit’s Brett Siddall. …

Yes, he has one hell of an arm. But, at the same time, he was tagged for FOUR hits in the 2’nd inning alone, including two doubles which gave Beloit 3 runs (all earned). And earlier this year, he got knocked out of the box in the first inning, giving up a walk and 3 hits (including a triple).

So, this kid has talent. Can he (and the coaches) develop this talent? Only time will tell. He is pretty raw right now, though he can really pop that glove with his fastball.

One other note: I sometimes wonder “how do they hit that stuff”? But those players are professionals for a reason. I just shake my head when I think of how many excellent players will never see the field in a major league game.


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