All cylinders?

Today: treadmill for the first 8 miles:
Frog boil: 0.5 incline, 5.2 mph then up 0.1 mph every 3 minutes. 21:51 at 2, 41:12 at 4, 50:11 at 5, 58:58 at 6, 6.14 at 1 hour, 6.6 at 1:04:40. Then 1.4 in 14:12 (5.7 mph, up 0.1 every 3 until 9, then up 0.1 every 1 until done)
That was 8 miles in 1:18:52. Then I walked 4.2 miles outside in the cool, overcast weather.

These 12 miles gave me 150 miles for May. Of course, after this weekend, I start to cut back drastically.

Gym tomorrow. Yes, my wife is working out regularly and she probably feels a bit like this:


Ok, she is a bit older and less athletic than the woman in the video..but what the heck. 🙂

And yes, there ARE more women at the races than there once were. Though this has changed the culture just a bit, the change isn’t all bad. 🙂


(this is screenshot from a business commercial …seriously)


May 17, 2016 - Posted by | big butts, running, spandex, walking

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