Windy run/walk

Another 20 miles in the bank:


And yes, the first part was windy.


Out leg (7.74 miles) 1:29:34
Return leg: 1:26:12 (2:55:46 for 15.48 miles, 11:21 mpm pace) The 3 minute difference reflected the downhill and not going into the wind quite as much, as it was a northwest wind.

Break for water then 5.1 mile walk in 1:18:29, or 4:14:16 for 20.58 miles

I did run this course slightly faster once, on a less windy day. I was ok with it, given I felt anxious about the workout, as usual. But it ok.

That left me enough time for Indian buffet with Barbara and then a Bradley Baseball game.


It was a well played game but Bradley lost to Indiana State 4-2. It started off rough; a bunt for a hit then 2 more hits and it was 1-0. But good fielding got BU out of the inning giving up just 1 run, which they got right back at the bottom. The pitching took over, with Indiana getting a solo home run (right into the kid’s area) and Bradley getting that run back late.

So it was 2-2 going into the 9’th when Indiana State got 2 run home run. Bradley started the bottom of the 9’th with 2 hits and a bunt moved the runners to 2’nd and 3’rd with one out. But alas, there was a shallow fly into the outfield and a strikeout. That was a situation in which a single would have tied the game, a home run would have won it, but an out lost it; it was pretty intense drama.

So the series is tied 1-1 (BU won 5-3 yesterday) and we have one more game tomorrow. I hope to be there.

Weather wise: I was bundled (thermal underwear, sweatshirt, jacket, etc.) but the sun came out and I took my outer jacket off.


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