I have no respect for a type of protester (who seems to back a certain candidate)

I want to make this clear: I enjoy the company of people who are voting for different candidates. Of course, I back Hillary Clinton, but I’ve also enjoyed the company of those backing Bernie Sanders and those who are backing Donald Trump and those who cannot support any of the remaining “major” candidates.

People make political decisions for all sorts of reasons. For example: while I certainly consider a candidate’s platform and long term vision, I also consider things like how much they know, how well they can apply that knowledge, how well they work with others and political skill. So while I like some of Bernie Sanders’ long term vision (though I prefer Hillary Clinton’s platform on science issues) I believe she is better situated to get action on at least a bit of her platform.

We really aren’t going to get anything done without Congress, and we won’t get control of either chamber without electing some (many?) “Blue Dog” Democrats from somewhat conservative states and districts. And some of Hillary Clinton’s platform might survive such a Congress.

But people can disagree, or make a different decision for a different reason.

That is fine.

But there are always *some* who think that their ideas are the only ones that deserve a hearing, and that they have a “right” to disrupt other candidates rallies.

And from the evidence I’ve seen...guess which candidate these people are backing? Again, I do not see these people as being representative of the backers of that candidate.

Yes, I’ve read stories of protesters at Trump rallies being roughed up. But I haven’t seen stories of Trump supporters disrupting Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rallies. I haven’t see stories of Hillary Clinton supporters disrupting Trump or Sanders rallies.

And on my Facebook wall, I haven’t been cursed out by Trump supporters, though that might be because so many on my friends list lean liberal and those Trump supporters who could comment on my wall are the type who tolerate difference of opinion.

But I have been cursed out by Sanders supporters.


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