Time to get off of the fence…

I wanted to see how today’s “second long” workout went (did 20.6 yesterday; 15.4 run, 5.2 walk)


Course: 15.7 3:52:51 (14:50 mpm) plus 8:40 for .61 (14:12) Total: 4:01 for 16.31 or 14:49 mpm.

I was slightly stiff at first but the downhill part of the course (I went in reverse of my usual order) loosened me up a bit. I took it from the house to the Riverplex, around the goose loop, followed the bike path up to the Bishop hill crossing, and then turned onto Bishop Hill, Harmon, and then to Grandview to the Tower; then the reverse of the Boredom to McClure and then to Broadway to Columbia Terrace.

At home, I did a Bradley Markin/Colosseum loop (.61 miles) to get over 16.

April weekends: 18/13, 18/14, 18/15, 20/16. The next two weekend will be “sort of” step back workouts (5K Saturday, long Sunday) though I might go long on the second Friday, or somehow go long after that 5K.

These workouts do not compare to what I was doing in 2004-2005 (when I walked my best long distance stuff, and got 101, 88, 81 for the 24 and finished 2 other 100 milers) they are way better than I did last year.

Therefore I signed up for the FANS 24 hour walk. Goal: triple marathon (a tough goal for me). Last year I managed 59.9 miles with almost zero distance training. So can I get 20 more miles this time around?

As far as this walk: breezy at times, but otherwise great weather. I almost saw a spectacular car crash on McClure; some jackass pulled out of a convenience store parking lot and, with an SUV right behind him, did a quick U-turn. The SUV came inches from crashing into the driver’s side and eliminating him from the “reproduction” pool. Fortunately the SUV driver was alert and stopped in the nick of time.

Later: I got to watch the Chiefs lose in 11 innings 5-1; they gave up 4 runs in the top of the 11’th. In the bottom of the 10’th, the Chiefs got a lead off double and a sacrifice fly moved the runner to 3’rd. So the Timber Rattlers intentionally walked the next batter..and the next batter…hit into a double play. (great defensive strategy!)



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