sore shoulder but…

Yeah, my shoulder is slightly sore. I might give in and take some NSAIDS, though I really don’t want to.

And I’ll confess something: I have some mild “anxiety” before my long run attempts; in my head I remember my failures and not my far more numerous successes.

But I got out there:


That took 2:53:47 (1:27:47/1:26:00) Though the return is downhill, I started to fatigue. Pace: 11:15 mpm.
Then I got a drink of water and kicked myself into walking my 5.2 mile West Peoria course (flat); pace was about 15:55 or so (just under 1:23 “by the day” time, which included breaks for traffic, etc.) My legs (calves especially) were like rocks.

Total workout: 20.6 miles in 4:13, or roughly 12:25 mpm.

The shoulder hurt a little; I had to tell myself to relax. There were a few runners out there including two beautiful middle aged ladies in the Tower Park building.

Now lunch and grass cutting (zzzzz) await…


April 23, 2016 - Posted by | running, walking |

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