Now that was humbling…

Today’s workout: 5 mile run, 3 walk. Run: 22:30 treadmill warm up (2 miles), lane 2 at Markin: 8:51, 8:46, 8:42 (26:21), 27:36 for 25 laps..walked a bit on the last lap then chased a student. For most of the 3 miles…almost all of it I was solo and that was tough. But only the final mile felt bad.

Then 3.1 miles outside, walking.

Posts Gin and Tacos talks about a book that interests me:

Mike Konczal gave me a heads-up on Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, a non-fiction tale of people in Milwaukee living on the bottom rung of the housing market: black families in the north side ghetto and white families in a trailer park that sits literally atop a biohazard. For a casual reader this book is a Rorschach Test, a study in confirmation bias; whatever your existing beliefs about the root causes of poverty and the underclass, you will find ample evidence to support it here. The most remarkable achievement is the ability of these stories to make the reader sympathize with everyone involved. You feel for the poor single parent living in a house with no refrigerator; then you feel for the landlord who stopped putting in refrigerators after six of them were destroyed or sold for beer money. You feel for the people who have to clean up foreclosed, abandoned, or evicted houses that resemble landfills. For a few pages I even felt bad for the cops – Milwaukee cops.

When it comes to poverty (or many other issues) we tend to get tribal and forget that there are reasons that different people feel different ways. It is so frustrating.

Marijuana: yes, I am for legalization. But we shouldn’t just assume that it is harmless; evidence is that it isn’t.


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