The price of winning a primary: not gloating

We went through this in 2008. Barack Obama won a bitterly contested primary against Hillary Clinton. Yes, Obama was gracious and..yes, Clinton surrogates took viscous shots at us. We were called “latte drinking, Prius driving..”; we were of course, duped by silver tongued oration, etc. etc.

Now I am on “Team Clinton” and …even worse, I am on social media. So, I (and many of my Clinton supporting friends) have been called dupes, sell-outs, idiots, uninformed, uncaring, small thinking, smug (for going by what the math said) and that is just what I can write in public. 🙂 Oh yes, people like Paul Krugman were accused of seeking a job in the Clinton cabinet.

But the reality is that we are going to need all of the votes we can get in November.

So, I’ll have to bite my tongue a bit and keep the snark to a minimum.

Oh yes, the primary isn’t officially over and Sanders will win a few more states (I predict that he’ll win Rhode Island and Delaware next Tuesday) but I expect Clinton to add about 30 more delegates to her lead, which is about 240. Even more importantly, pledged delegates are coming off of the table for Sanders to catch up with.

Of course, if you say that, the Bern Victims enthusiastic Sanders supporters will claim that you are a dupe who is falling for media lies. Or something.

Damn…not sure I CAN bite my tongue. 🙂


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