Two weird dreams

My wife had one: she was in the bed room and was startled when small bear cub came into the room. She didn’t want to startle the bear so she softly, calmly called me to go in there. As usual, I acted “ok, what is the deal?” But I relented and went in. I saw what was wrong so I picked the cub up, and it hugged/cuddled me as I carried it out. My wife was surprised.

I had a weird dream too: I was watching a college football game (in a stadium like where Illinois State plays) and the game went into college overtime. The visiting team had the ball first, couldn’t score a touchdown and so kicked a field goal.

So when the home team got the ball at the 25 with a chance to win…they promptly “took a knee” for three straight plays so as to …kick a tying field goal? I was beside myself..I couldn’t understand why any team would do that.

Dreams often make no sense at all.


April 19, 2016 - Posted by | college football, football | ,

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