Irrational Irritation

Today: Hilly Corntalk 8.1 in 1:26:54 (43:56/42:57). That is my best since January of this year, and the best I’ve done coming off a weekend of long stuff. But it is nowhere near what I’d need to have a really good performance in an upcoming race; in fact 2 years ago (when I was in the 24’s for the 5K) I did the same workout in just under 1:20 (pushing it a bit more though, and no, not after a “double long” weekend workout).

Irrational Irritation
Last Sunday’s longish walk included a bit of bike trail, and the weather was good. Hence there were some fair-weather 10-12 mph cyclists out and about.

In big cities with more crowded trails/paths (Austin Hike and Bike, Chicago Lakefront), people leave you alone. But here, when these “family cyclists” come toward you: “Good Mooorning!” in that irritating, faux-cheerful voice. “Yeah, try getting your heart rate over 80 and see how cheerful you are” I often think. That just irritates the daylights out of me, especially when I’ve reached the “tunnel of concentration” that I often do in longer workouts …ok, sometimes it is the “tunnel of pain”.

I respond much better to a knowing nod and wave from someone who is also out working up a good, hard sweat (often running) and I always return these.

Hey, said it was an “irrational irritation”, didn’t I?

Update If you are a friend, I am NOT talking about you, ok? 🙂 I enjoy greetings from friends, including those not working out at the time.


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