A Deer walk…I nailed it…


Temperature: 54 F at the start, 74 at the finish. Time: 1:49:23 on the way back (14:09 pace).

Course: House to McClure, to Old Boredom to the Tower and then to the intersection of Northmore and Sheridan via the bike path. I screwed up my timing on the way out (32 minutes at McClure/Sheridan and 44 at Bigelow and Forest Hill. But 47 minutes into it (on Knoxville) something stuck in my shoe; it was a rusty nail! Fortunately it didn’t get anywhere near my foot so it is all good. But I had stopped my watch and didn’t think to restart it.

On the way out I saw the usual assortment of squirrels, rabbits and one possum. I didn’t see any of the black squirrels that I’ve seen in Bradley Park.

And..well, though I am a bad athlete, I am a champion at producing urine. I badly needed a pit stop on the way out, and 57 minutes later, on the way back (Tower Park).

Of interest is what I saw at the intersection of Broadway and Columbia Terrace: a good sized, young deer! That is about 3/4 of a mile way (1.2 km) from the nearest park or place you’d expect to see one.


April 17, 2016 - Posted by | walking |

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