Progress on long workouts

Today, I wanted to break in new shoes; my teeth were starting to rattle when I wore my old ones. They are still good for walking, dirt trail running and the treadmill.

So I chose courses that would keep me close to home; no problems though.


Basically, it was my West Peoria 8.1 plus my Bradley Park 5.1; that took me 2:27:41 to do. This included 43:11 at 4.05, 45:12 for the return leg (getting a bit warmer by now), 59:17 for the 5.1. I then walked the 5.1 course in 1:18:26, or 18.3 in 3:46:07, which was 14 minutes faster than last Saturday’s “run 15, walk 3” workout. My time for running 13.2 and walking 2 more was faster than my “run” 15.25 last Saturday by 8 minutes! (2:59). Ok, it wasn’t very fast, at all.

The run portion was interesting. I saw a bespandexed MILF on Sterling; we converged on the same intersection and I moved over. I had zero chance of staying with her. Then I saw a very purple Cassie at Heading and Western.


I didn’t even think about chasing her; I still had 9 miles to run at that point and I wouldn’t have lasted.

Then going up the Cornstalk Hill (on the way back) I saw 3 bespandexed MILFs doing “squat walks” up the hill..

squatwalks. One apologized for almost getting right in front of me; I smiled and said “you are good.” And I smiled for a while longer.

My walk was at a 15:25 pace; a bit too slow but it was ok. If I do FANS (as I expect to), I’ll be walking a lot slower than that at times. 🙂


April 16, 2016 - Posted by | Friends, running, walking

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