Compartmentalization of my life: Facebook vs IRL

I have about 977 “Facebook friends”. I’ve actually met 110-115 of these people in real life; some are class mates from college or high school.
I’ve actually done something one-on-one or in a planned small group setting with about 35 of these people.

Of the people I’ve done things with (say, within the past decade, excluding family members), 4 have no facebook presence at all (not on it or have an inactive account), and one is an ex Facebook friend (I am not counting a basketball companion from 23 years ago who is on facebook but not on my friends list; we sometimes see each other at work and I am FB friends with her husband).

It appears that some relationships are better left online and some real life friendships ought not to go online.

I know that I unfriended someone that I frequently interacted with on FB due to something that happened in real life. Had we never had an IRL interaction, we probably would still be interacting online.

It is funny how that works.


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