Good debate for Clinton

Hillary Clinton had a good night; throughout she had a command of the facts. She knew not only her position but also Bernie Sanders’ positions.
Sanders was asked the one time that Hillary Clinton had a vote or a policy dictated by Wall Street money and he couldn’t name one.

The only time I thought that she didn’t do well: when she was asked about her speeches to the financial firms. She did pivot to Sanders tax returns which he has been delinquent in getting out.

This was a contrast between the idealist who spouted platitudes and slogans and a serious policy wonk who knew details and knows the nuances of now things actually get done.

Sanders was called out for all of his showboating bills that he filed, few (if any) which have a chance of getting anywhere.

BUT: Sanders does deserve credit for running a good campaign; he is good at raising money and getting people excited.

Note: Clinton’s odds improved again, now at 1/2.



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