Policy, journalism, and the primary

Poverty: public policy can make a difference; here we see that in New York City, the poor enjoy longer lifespans, both in terms of being compared to the poor in other areas and as a percentage of the lifespan of their wealthier neighbors. Think: better food and walkabiity.

Media: sometimes, journalists bend over backwards to be “balanced” that they give special interests too much benefit of the doubt (e. g. creationists, climate change denialists)

2016 Primary

Bill Clinton’s poverty and crime programs: they DID have benefits, but they also had some bad side effects. It wasn’t “all good” nor “all bad”.

New York Primary: Sanders might be hurt because this primary is closed to Democrats only. This is one yin-yang about the Sanders campaign. The yin: he is bringing in people who are new to the political process. The yang: these newbies often don’t know the rules. Example: there was a case in Illinois where one Sanders voter wanted to “vote for Bernie”; he couldn’t be made to understand that Sanders wouldn’t be helped unless he also voted for the Sanders delegates (in Illinois, the candidate vote is just a beauty contest; one also has to vote for the candidate’s delegates as well, and they ARE marked by candidate).

Colorado Republicans: they did NOT have a primary nor did they have a caucus. They had a convention and Trump’s lack of organization cost him dearly: he ended up with zero delegates.


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