The 2016 Democratic Debate, in one photo

Workout notes: last night, 2 miles with Barbara at Building Steam (I am a “student” this year)

This morning: treadmill: 5.2-5.3-5.4-5.5 warm up (20 minutes: 1.78 miles)
Then 10 minutes at 6.7, 5 at 6.8, then 6.9 to mile 3, then every .25 miles: 7.0-7.1-7.2-7.3, 7.4 for 0.1
(I was at mile 2 in 22 minutes, mile 5.1 in 48:54, so 26:54 for 3.1 miles or 5K; or 28:54 for 3.32 miles)
walk/jog to get to 6 miles; then 1 cool down mile on the track (14:55, walking)


And that is really it for me.

Yes, Hillary Clinton took some positions that I didn’t like (example, example, example) and she has made some embarrassing gaffes and political moves.

She is not perfect. And I think that she isn’t a good campaigner.

But she is intellectual, thoughtful, smart and knowledgeable, which explains why she appeals to me more than Bernie Sanders does.
Unfortunately, “I can do the math” is not an inspiring campaign slogan.


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