Jumble: not an omen..and WIND

Ok, my plan was to run 15 and walk 3. I ended up running 10.5 and walking 8.3

Why: sunny…but WINDY. At about mile 8 into my run, I turned into the wind. Whew! 2:01 to run 10.5 (about 11:30 mpm), 1:24 to walk 5.2 (mostly uphill and into a very stiff wind, as you can see), then another untimed 3.1 walk into Bradley park.


So my solving The Jumble puzzle in 49 seconds was NOT an omen for speedy running or walking. I did see a few other runners out there; I got to say hi to Crystal at Tower park and again on Grandview Drive.


The good news is that the distance was no trouble at all; that does bode well for the future.

Then I had some Indian buffet and went to baseball game between Bradley and Illinois College. To the surprise of no one, Bradley was too much and the game was called mid way through the 7’th inning with Bradley up 17-1. What was unusual is that the strong wind made it difficult for the infielders to catch high pop-up fly balls; several were missed.


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