Saving my feet…

It was rainy, and my right heel is slightly sore and I was just stiff all over.
So I took a treadmill day: (incline: 0.5 to account for a lack of air resistance)
20 minutes to go 1.8 miles (easy, 5.2 for 5 minutes, 5.3 for 5 minutes)
Then 27:54 to go 3.2 miles. The last 3 miles: 8:57, 8:46, 8:24 done by:
1.2 miles at 6.7 mph (8:57), .5 miles at 6.8, .5 miles at 6.9, then 7-7.1-7.2-7.3 (.25 mile segments)

walk jog to get to 6 miles in 1 hour.
then 2 mile walk on the track in 29:02. Total time: 1:29 for 8 miles (faster than Tuesday!) Ok…this was a much easier course.

We’ll see how this weekend goes. (long workouts)

Ironically, I felt better after running than I did prior to running; more energy?


March 31, 2016 - Posted by | running, walking

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