Political Tribalism: no high ground anywhere…

Yes, I was one of those who gleefully mocked the “Teabillies” and their misspelled protest signs. Now, evidently, even the more educated conservatives are joining in the mocking. Reason: Donald Trump’s success in rallying those who voted for social reforms, only to get wars and more tax cuts for the wealthy. 🙂

“Ha, we really are superior to the conservatives” I thought.

But then came the protests where anti-Trump people thought that they had a right to block traffic and to disrupt Trump rallies. And yes, the conservative counter point that Trump supporters didn’t attempt to disrupt Sanders rallies was well taken…but then again…why would they, given that he is not a credible threat to win the Democratic nomination?

And then came our primary and Bernie Sanders (who I do have respect for) won a few states.

There is nothing like a contested primary to bring out the stupidity.

Examples (though the second is technically…probably true albeit highly unlikely):



So when you point out the simple mathematics of the situation (that if Sanders has huge wins in the small caucus states and, say, wins 60 percent in Wisconsin, he is still likely to do no better than break-even the rest of the way and end up 200 pledged delegates short, they’ll just think that you are lying to them.

They turned on Rachel Maddow for remarking that the Sanders Campaign claim that “well, we really didn’t try in the states that we lost” was bogus. Note: On March 15, Clinton swept Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, and Sanders campaigned very hard in the first 3 of these states.

So, at least I can claim that Hillary Clinton supporters are superior? Well, maybe not. For example, I’ve checked out the memes here and, while a few are funny, well, many are flat out garbage and nonsense; even WORSE than the less-than-intellectual pro-Sanders memes that I show above.

The bottom line: no campaign has a chance of winning without attracting a lot of stupid voters. And sometimes, the dumbest ones are the loudest and the most visible.


There are a lot of smart Clinton supporters.
There are a lot of smart Sanders supporters.
There are a lot of smart Republicans.

And there are a hell of a lot of stupid people in all three camps.

One cannot have a claim of superiority based on who they support or based on the camp that they identify with.

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