Primary Race: Sanders and superdelegates; Cruz and rats..

Right now, Hillary Clinton has a lead of around 300 pledged delegates. Today, there are contests in Hawaii, Alaska and Washington state, where the demographics (mostly white voters) heavily favor Sanders. He is expected to do well today, though April could be rougher.

The national polls: of course, his campaign touted the one national poll that is favorable to him:


But Sen. Sanders knows the score and is hoping to persuade…superdelegates (the very ones his supporters decry!) to help him close the gap in pledged delegates:

Bernie Sanders has launched withering attacks on the Democratic establishment for months. Now he appears to be asking its most entrenched members to hand him the nomination even if he loses at the ballot box to Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times published an interview in which Sanders suggested that superdelegates — the 712 elite party leaders and insiders who can support whichever candidate they want at the Democratic National Convention — should tip the nomination in his favor.

Sanders is being soundly beaten by Clinton among the “pledged” delegates whose support is determined by the popular vote, so turning to superdelegates may be his only option. But it’s still a surprising tack to hear him take.

Here’s what Sanders told the LA Times:

I would fully concede that we have a narrow path to victory. Your point is well taken. But it is a path. And the only thing that I would add to the arithmetic that we could all agree: Arithmetic is arithmetic, is momentum.

And it is also the fact that many super delegates have not yet declared, that’s number one. Number two, for the super delegates and others who have declared, as I said long ago, the key issue, you know, people like Hillary Clinton more than me. That’s fine. But what people are most concerned of in the world that I live in is that a Republican not get into the White House. I think we can demonstrably make the case, and I say this without one second of hesitation, that I am the stronger candidate.

And yes, there are polls that show him beating Donald Trump by a larger margin than Hillary Clinton does, though the Clinton campaign reminds us that Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye for a long, long time; she has already had everything in the book thrown at her. Hence it is reasonable to expect that Sander’s support might shrink a little.

By the way, I do not have a problem with superdelegates. A party can decide on a candidate anyway that they choose, and while it is nice to give the “rank and file” some voice via the pledged delegate route, there is a place for the party insiders to have some extra say. Of course, if the process is too undemocratic, there might be less enthusiasm for a candidate.

But there is no requirement that the party’s candidate be decided by democratic means.

So I have no problem with Sen. Sanders making this argument, though I am laughing at thought of some of his less thoughtful supporters spinning this development..especially after they grumbled about Hillary Clinton’s massive lead in superdelegates.

And speaking of the candidates: here is how each candidate’s tax plans affect you (you enter your income). Note: Sanders’ tax plan raises your taxes, but gives you Medicare so one would have to consider the effect of reduction in your health insurance premium.

Republicans Yes, Ted Cruz really did say “Donald Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him.”


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