How I sabotage my running…

Right now, my running is fine; long run is up to 15 miles (slowly) and it isn’t too much of a chore.

But instead of saying “great; I am on track for a fall marathon” I start thinking “maybe I should participate in one now!”

No, this isn’t 10-13 years ago when I averaged 50-60 miles per week with several marathon-50K events thrown in for training, aiming at the 24 hour/100 mile event.

I am *building up* and I am older, and by nature, I am not designed for such events. I weigh 185 lbs, not 135 lbs. And yes, I continue to swim and lift weights.

So, I need to respect the distance and respect the event.

So no, no trail event early April, and no, no April marathon. In fact, NO MARATHONS until 20 miles in training (slow pace) is what 15 miles is to me right now (mild challenge).

I can get there by fall. So, I might focus on the 15K this June; maybe a half marathon as well.


March 24, 2016 - Posted by | marathons, running |

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