Uphill, against the wind, both ways…


When I first did a similar course, I was a bit faster. When I did the full course, well… it took me 3:01. Two weeks ago (doing it fresh, but after recovering from a cold), it took me 3:04:30. Today it took me 3:07:06, BUT it was the day after my first race since Thanksgiving. And I had walked this course a few days ago.

Yes, I think that I understand why doing the McNaughton 50 (target time: 24 hours) would be a bad idea. It is in April and it would trash me for at least a couple of months..and training is going along reasonably well at the moment. It might make sense to keep building up slowly to something with terrain that is better for me..and something that gives me time to work my long run to the 4 hour range. Maybe I should try the FANS 24 again, this time with more preparation? Or, maybe a marathon is the way for me to go (late May/early June).

Today’s run: breezy as usual. (4 mph at the start, reaching a steady 10 mph, with gusts to 18 mph). But I notice that I feel it when I am against it, but don’t notice it nearly as much when it is at my back. Life is like that, isn’t it?

And my course starts at the Illinois River and climbs for almost all of the first 7.5 miles or so. Then I (mostly) retrace my route (slight deviation which takes me to Tower Park on the way out). So it is NOT uphill both ways (LOL).

And for the record, it doesn’t hurt my feelings *too* much that a friend, who is my age but also a nationally ranked masters athlete who was once international class, ran 22.5 miles in the same amount of time it took me to do the 15, or that, with the same effort, it took me about 1 hour less to do this distance when I was younger (grrr).

On the way out a large group of faster (and mostly younger) runners blew past me; they were polite but..well, that was embarrassing. Why? Well, when I was younger and in “sub 40 minute 10K” shape, I thought I was “hot stuff”. Ok, the real runners were running 32-33 minutes, and the track guys were running 29 minutes. But I was still faster than “most” and I was proud of it. Now I realize that my time meant one thing: I was young. That was ALL it meant; I was NOT “hot stuff”. Not in running or lifting, or in sports anyway. 🙂

And as far as my slow training pace (12:16 mpm): according to this, it was right where it needed to be, especially given that it was the day after a race:


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