State of the Democratic race and moronic activists

So, we see protesters blocking traffic on a public road in an attempt to keep people from attending a Trump rally (this time, in Arizona).

This is wrong on so many levels. I find myself getting angry with these self-righteous jerks; who are these losers to tell me what rally I can go to?

Sadly, there are liberals who approve of such idiotic behavior; I’d ask them if it would be ok for Bible thumpers to block access to a science conference or is this sort of thing ok?

I really believe that some people are simply sanctimonious and some are incapable of abstracting.

Besides, these protesters are simply playing into Trump’s hands: he can paint the country as being overrun by left wing thugs who want to dictate to the rest of us (and yes, there are some idiotic authoritarian left wingers, but they are relatively small in number).

We saw that this type of thing failed spectacularly in Chicago.

Note: I do NOT see Mr. Trump as being presidential material. No, it isn’t because of his alleged “racism” or xenophobia; his actual positions are basic Republican positions, said with a snarl instead of with a smile. And his racism and xenophobia is, in my opinion, just garden variety Baby Boomer middle class racism and xenophobia, spoken aloud instead of being kept quiet.

I see him as a self-promoting con man of uneven temperament:


The Democratic Race

You’ve heard that “hope springs eternal” and some Bernie Sanders supporters aren’t giving up the ship. But they have, at best, a superficial understanding of the situation:


Yes, the numbers in this meme are reasonably accurate. The New York Times has Hillary Clinton with a lead of 314 pledged delegates (and a large lead in superdelegates…the unelected kind that can change their mind).

BUT, given that the Democrats award pledged delegates in a “proportional allocation” (the number of pledged delegates is related to the margin of victory), Sanders needs to win about 58 percent of the remaining popular vote in order to drive even. The best evidence is that Hillary Clinton leads by 11 points. So, the delegate math is “lottery like” improbable for Senator Sanders, even though some of the remaining states are favorable to him. If you take a look at this “projected results” given Hillary Clinton has a 12 point lead, Hillary Clinton is all but certain to increase her lead in pledged delegates. Even IF the race were tied nationally, she’d be favored to win California, Delaware, New Jersey, Kentucky and DC, and lose narrowly in Pennsylvania and New York (I doubt that she’ll lose New York). He isn’t going to catch her; so the media is not lying.

Some Sanders supporters are in denial; others can’t do mathematics.


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