First running race since Thanksgiving

I had a good day (high 30’s, sunny) and because I am still feeling a bit out-of-sorts, I figured that a Spandex Chase would help. This was my first race since Thanksgiving of last year.

There was a lot of cute spandex to chase, but I didn’t catch very much of it.

I warmed up with 2 miles of jogging.

Time: 25:50 (my watch, 25:54 official), place: 61/180, and 3’rd in M 55-59. splits: 8:12/8:22 (16:35)/9:15 (1.1)
This was an “almost” race: I almost beat Jerry (he got me back in the last 400 meters or so), almost failed to break 26 and almost made the top 1/3 (which is my usual goal, if there are no “slow walkers” in the event).


There was a bit of socializing; I teased Crystal a bit and got to talk to Larry. I knew that I’d see neither much after the start. I did tag along with Pat at the start; I knew that my getting too far ahead of her would be a bad mistake. So the first mile came at 8:12; we had an oh-so-slight breeze at our backs. I saw a few on their way back when we hit the goose loop and I got to mile 2 in 16:35; I knew that sub 26 was possible.

Though I passed quite a few people at around mile 1, including some that I KNEW were going out too fast, I only got 1 in the final mile (Jerry) and he got me back in the final 400 meters or so. My legs were heavy, but oddly enough I think that I could have squeezed a few more seconds out had I had practice pushing the pace.

Amusing When I was starting to fade in the last mile, a younger woman (turns out she is 30) gave me a shove in the back and told me (playfully) to get going as I “was her pacer” and she did it twice! I might have gotten DQ’ed for unfair assistance because it DID help (seriously) and is probably the reason I sneaked in under 26 minutes. She is tall and slender; I would think close to my height?

Afterward I walked a bit and then socialized with Debbie, who is currently into Cross Fit. I was a bit surprised to have won an award; the times in my age group were about 2-3 minutes faster for last year’s race. I was 23 seconds faster last year, but I had done more “hard mile type” efforts; this year it has been an occasional “8:50’ish” 3 mile effort surrounded by a lot of 11-12 minute per mile jogging.


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  1. Thank you for sharing Ollie.. Once the legs are repaired and better, I need to get into walking again. I will not put the new knees through the stress of running, but it will help me continue the weight loss. I do some walking around now rather than taking the bus, and I lost over 50 pounds in the past year.

    Comment by William Higgins | March 20, 2016 | Reply

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