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Democrats Hillary Clinton won big in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. She also squeaked by a tough challenge in Illinois and…no call in Missouri as yet, though she has a narrow lead with 99 percent in:

Clinton: 310,602 votes, 49.6%
Sanders: 309,071 votes, 49.4%

Now THAT is close. There are some provisional ballots to count, among other things, and the Sanders campaign has the right for a recount, given how close it is.

The New York Times has the pledged delegate count at: 1094-774 for Clinton. That is all but insurmountable given that the Democrats award delegates by proportionality. Sanders can win some small caucus states, but will have to blow her away in some large states to eat at that lead, and probably the best he can do is to have a couple of “Michigan” type upsets along the way.

Illinois and Peoria (via CNN)


some county results:

Peoria (where I live):

Clinton 52% 11341
Sanders 47% 10345

Chicago: 54-45 Clinton (362K to 307K), Cook county (Chicago suburbs) 54-46 Clinton (245K to 210K)

Champaign (University of Illinois) Sanders 66-34 (20.6 K to 10.5 K)

On the Republican side:

Chicago Trump 39%, Kasich 25%, Cruz 21%
Cook County: Trump 42%, Kasich 24%, Cruz 23%

Peoria: Cruz 41% (10K votes), Trump 30% (7.6K votes), Kasich: 20% 5K votes

On the Republican side: wow. Trump rolled winning big in Florida, handily in Illinois, narrowly in North Carolina and is barely ahead of Cruz in Missouri (still too close to call?) Kasich won Ohio, but Kasich staying in the race might help Trump in some of the “winner take all” states?

Who knows. By the way, I am NOT in the “Stop Trump” at all costs camp; though he is a con-man, his social positions are really no more noxious than standard Republican positions (he just doesn’t state them with a smile) and his economic positions are somewhat better. I’d rather have him than Ted Cruz.

Yes, I know that Robert Reich supports Bernie Sanders and that his political predictions (in terms of who is going to win) are hilariously bad (Scott Walker, Bernie wasn’t finished). But he knows policy and economics and well, I’d take heed:


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